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Your own original art work!

Brandon can create a unique piece of original art for your home, office or corporate space. He will work to create the perfect piece of art to bring new energy and life into the client’s space. Commissioning an original piece of art is an exciting opportunity to collaborate in creating a one-of-a-kind work of art that will change the atmosphere of your space for years to come.

The process

Commision Brandon Aday for your own original art work!Brandon will meet with you in person, on the phone or via video chat to talk about what you are envisioning. Together you will review examples of his work, or other artists you like for inspiration, and set a timeline for the commission process.

He will work with the specific size of a wall and space/room the piece will be placed in. The objective will be for the painting to tell its own story and radiate its own energy that you want in your space.

You will get periodic check-in sessions as he works to make sure things are moving in the right direction. You will also receive photographs of the progress as he brings your vision to life. He is open to dialogue, and to your ideas, and aims to make it a fun and exciting collaborative process!

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