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Artist Statement

I don't plan out my paintings or put much thought into them ahead of time. I consider my art to be a form of meditation and preventative medicine for my mental well being. It helps balance my brain after a long day of looking at a computer screen and spreadsheets. My art does not illustrate my thoughts explicitly. Instead, it expresses a snapshot of my feelings at the moment through pigment and texture.

I tend to create art that is inspired by urban scenery, especially concrete structures, cracked sidewalks, or graffiti filled walls. I also paint ethereal imagery inspired by the aurora borealis or coral reefs. I usually start with a few color combinations, and maybe a new tool to play with. I rarely use traditional paint brushes, and prefer to utilize squeegees, blades and tools you can buy in a hardware stores or that you find around the house. Sometimes the easel is too constricting, so I place the canvas on the floor to work my way around it. This also allows me to cycle through multiple canvases at one time, sometimes smashing two or more together to share paint and strokes. 

I consider my painting sessions to be a form of meditation, often zoning out, unaware of what I’m doing or what's going on around me. I may paint all in one shot, or keep a canvas on my easel for a few days. As I pass by it, I add a stroke or two, depending on if the canvas is speaking to me. I only feel it is complete, when the canvas has nothing else to say.

I only name my pieces after I am done with them, have taken several photos, and am ready to post it to my Instagram account. Sometimes it takes a few minutes, but it can also take an hour if I don't feel the name connects with the piece. Once I put the work out to the world, I let it go, and it is up to the imagination of the viewer to interpret it!